Now that we are saying goodbye to the old season and giving way to the new one, expect shops and malls everywhere to announce their much anticipated end of season sale. This is the time they try to dispose of all the products and items they have from the previous season by putting them up for 50% discount or more. For most seasoned shoppers, this is the most perfect time to update their shopping list and do their splurging. Imagine updating your entire wardrobe for half the original cost, or buying several dozens of clothes for your kids at a fraction of their original price? It sure is a very convenient and practical way to shop and buy stuff. If you get lucky you might even get mobile phones and other gadgets at very low prices or maybe you can even come across a cigar sale sign in one of the shops you frequent, which can be very timely since Father’s Day is fast approaching and you can get a box or two of your dad’s favorite cigar as a gift. If you are one of those people who would like to be ahead of themselves at all time, you can even create your Christmas list this early and start shopping for gifts. After all, there is no better time to shop than when everything is on sale!


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